Jacob's Vision is about setting no limits, empowering people to achieve everything they set their minds too, feeling the freedom of racing on a track, riding safely on our roads, having fun in the dirt, having the passion to ride knowing that we have your back!!!
The owners of JACOB'S VISION, Joanne Brider and Jacob Kruger, who have a lifetime of biking experience decided to enter into a partnership with Bryan Schwim, the owner of TARTSTONE RACING, and also the head mechanic of the Yamaha race team, and came up with the concept of why "reinvent the wheel" ,when it comes down to your passion for enjoying your motorcycle on every level, let it be commuting, touring the open roads or hitting the dirt trails.
TarStone Racing logo
We want to be both the backup, and the Heart of your biking experience!
With over 50 years of combined knowledge in the full scope of the biking world, we can offer you, our biking family, the peace of mind, whether it be helping with buying a new motorcycle, repairing and servicing your current motorcycle, or customizing your bike to suit you and your riding style!
What makes us a step ahead is that we encourage our customers to come and sit and chat to us whether it be to brainstorm on ideas to better your biking experience, or while waiting for your bike in the workshop.
You can also allow your kids to come ride on our offroad track, and, enjoy the Quackie Pond.
So why not come and have a beer, or bring your kids to have fun on our fully equipped kiddies playground - Quackie Pond. Emphasising that our business is about you, your bike and your family!